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  • August 01, 2014 by John Lacey

    I have a magnet on my office file cabinet entitled, "The Fisherman's Serenity Prayer." It reads:

    "God grant me the vision
    To dream of catching fish,
    The focus to visualize
    Myself catching fish,
    The faith to believe
    That I will catch fish,
    And the wisdom
    To keep the freezer stocked
    With hamburgers

  • July 25, 2014 by Wayne Alloway

    In one of my favorite Peanuts cartoon strips, Snoopy is lying prone on the roof of his house, one ear going down each slope of the roof. Charlie Brown appears with a great big red dish heaped with dog food, and Snoopy celebrates it before he eats it, a dog's way of saying grace, I suppose.

    He begins by turning

  • July 18, 2014 by John Lacey

    As I write this the news reports are beginning to trickle in regarding the Malaysian jetliner shot down over the Ukraine, possibly by a surface-to-air missile. Apparently 295 passengers and crew were lost in this horrific tragedy. Whenever evil rears its ugly head in times of terror and tragedy there are some who


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